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Pseudocode and Flowchart 3-1

i need help writing some pseudocode for a pet check in method. i have attached the uml class diagram as well as the method instructions for your refer ...

Created by: Alexander King

  • Mon, 30/11/2020

145 error: reached end of file while parsing } ^ I need help with 5.9 online shopping I even copied off of course ...

Created by: vincent Rucker

  • Fri, 27/11/2020

IT 145 - 2-3: Write a Class

I need assistance with writing a Pet Class in Java for my IT 145 - Foundations in App Development course. This was previously posted and answered but ...

Created by: Alexander King

  • Thu, 26/11/2020

ZyLab Challenges

I just started taking IT145 at and I was wondering if any more tutorial videos are going to be posted for the ZyLAB challenges? ...

Created by: Jay Mendez

  • Mon, 09/11/2020


I really need help with this IT145 course. I am drowning. I just started this course and we are currently doing strings. Next we are doing pseudoco ...

Created by: Charles Landor

  • Wed, 04/11/2020

2.13.1: LAB: Driving cost - methods 0 / 10

I keep getting error messages. Even though when I provide an optional input I get correct amounts. However the challenge will not pass and without the ...

Created by: Barbara Mckenney

  • Tue, 03/11/2020

2.12.1 Zybook

Polymorphism ...

Created by: Chasity Barber

  • Sun, 01/11/2020


Pease help: 2.5.1 Method errors Zybook ...

Created by: Chasity Barber

  • Sun, 01/11/2020

2.3.1 and 2.3.2

Zybook challenge ...

Created by: Chasity Barber

  • Sun, 01/11/2020

IT 145 1-6

There is one glaring issue I have noticed with how SNHU's online classes are set up, and that very rarely does any of the assignments have clear instr ...


  • Sun, 01/11/2020

Search and Replace Script

I need help with getting the script for this assignment done. I don't know all the steps necessary for this assignment. ...

Created by: Joshua Hallmark

  • Wed, 21/10/2020

All History Classes are in the system

All of the History Classes have been added to the system. Quick reminder if you do not see a class you have taken or are taking its easy to add just ...

Created by: James Cross

  • Mon, 19/10/2020


when i run the code in a java compiler I keep getting this error: Exception in thread "main" java.util.NoSuchElementException at java.util.Scanner.t ...

Created by: Abby Renteria

  • Sun, 18/10/2020

Rental Car Billing

I honestly don't know what I'm doing wrong, I can't fix it. It's two weeks late and I'm totally stuck. I put the script I have in a word document, may ...

Created by: Miah Middlebrook

  • Sat, 17/10/2020

All of SNHU Math Classes are now in the system.....

Please take the time to update all of the math classes you have taken as well as the ones you are currently taking. Thank you ...

Created by: Muhammad Shehzad

  • Thu, 15/10/2020

Week 8 Final Discussion on CSV File

I would like for someone to please copy and paste the CSV files to notepad and upload them here for the week 8 discussion. Also copy and print to PDF ...

Created by: James Cross

  • Mon, 12/10/2020

English Class Help

Here agian I am looking for help from students who have taken or are currently taking English Classes. Please email me if you can help j.cross@school ...

Created by: James Cross

  • Sat, 10/10/2020

Need students to help me add content

If anyone has course material for this class and can help me add content please email me at ...

Created by: James Cross

  • Sat, 10/10/2020

I also need help with 5.6 Final

Can't seem to figure it out. ...

Created by: Braxton Morrow

  • Sat, 10/10/2020

Codio Challenge 2.2 Addition

Your code should expect one input. All you need to do is add 12 to it and output the result. ...

Created by: James Cross

  • Sat, 10/10/2020

5.6 Final Challenge

On the 5.6 Final Challenge, I'm getting the error message: File "", line 25 elif command == "sub": ^ SyntaxError: ...

Created by: Sarah Lewis

  • Sat, 10/10/2020

Module Six

Hey I was looking for some help with the final project in module 6 challenge 5.6. Thank you ...

Created by: Peter Lilley

  • Fri, 09/10/2020